Chase Lates



Male Male



Hair Color

Dark Blonde/Orange

Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Academy

Blue pegasus symbol Blue Pegasus

Previous Affiliation

Blue Pegasus High

Guild Mark Location

Left Shoulder


Student, Mage, Model



Personal Status



Hibiki Lates (Father)

Jenny Realight (Mother)

Cole Lates (Older Brother)



Machina Take Over

Fanfiction Debut

Book 2 Chapter 3

//Swamp Village//


Chase is the younger son of Hibiki Lates and Jenny Realight, a Take-Over and Archive mage of Blue Pegasus. He's currently attending Fairy Academy in class 2-1 even after Blue Pegasus High was rebuilt, he transferred there due to falling in love with Nikita Dragneel at first glance, he transferred while giving up going to his guild's luxurious school just so he could be with her everyday but unfortunately she always pushes him away. He works part-time as a model for Sorcerer Weekly Magazine.


Chase is an outgoing and gentle boy, most girls find him to be quite charming and good-looking often fawning over him. Being a member of Blue Pegasus and so famous, sometimes the fame gets to his head.


Cole Lates

Chase's older brother, who's more of the brains and nerd of the family is more difficult at attracting girls. He often teases his brother about it...

Lakita Dragneel

Lakita's read all of the Sorcerer Weekly magazines he's in and have them stored in her room. She also knows a lot more about him than he expected so he's a bit creeped out by her, especially since she loses her mind and acts crazy sometimes when he's around.

Nikita Dragneel

Cole's favourite one of the twins, though he doesn't like to admit to it as it may hurt her sister's feelings. He often calls her his "Cherry Blossom" because of the colour of her hair. She doesn't exactly return his feelings though.

Magic and Abilities

Take Over (接収, テイクオーバー, Teiku Ōbā): Chase is a user of Take Over, a type of Magic which allows him to take over the powers and abilities of the entities he touches. He inherited this from his mother. Chase's particular type of Take Over, named Machina Soul grants him the ability to transform his attire into that of well-armored outfits, these being equipped with heavy weaponry. He can touch different types of machinery taking their capabilities and assets for himself.

Archive(古文書 Ākaibu): Chase is shown to possess some skill in Archive. He's able to coordinate the movements of his allies and knowing their present conditions as well as calculate how far a certain destinations is.

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