Jamie Tearm



Female Female


12 (Book 1)

14 (Book 3)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Academy

Blue pegasus symbol Blue Pegasus

Previous Affiliation

Blue Pegasus High

Guild Mark Location

Left Hand


Student, Mage



Base of Operations

Blue Pegasus Guild

Personal Status



Eve Tearm (Father)

Jane Tearm (Older Sister)



Fanfiction Debut

Chapter 2 ~New Students


Jamie Tearm is the younger daughter of Eve Tearm and sister of Jane Tearm. She's a snow mage of Blue Pegasus and a transfer student of Fairy Academy in Class 2-1. Jamie's true nature is a mystery as she is an excellent actress and no one can tell if her so called "true personality" is just her acting.



Ro Cheney and Jamie Tearm

Jamie is childish and absentminded most of the time, forgetting many incidents and occasions that may have happened before. She always acts the most optimistic and cute in her class, whether this is all an act or her true nature no one really knows. She is spoiled and has a way to get everything she wants, when she acts cute and childish all the time in class it isn't hard for the some of the boys to be attracted to her and she enjoys being the center of attention.


Jane Tearm

Jane is Jamie's older sister, Jamie is three years younger than her and they both share the same magic they learned from their father, Eve Tearm.

Chase Lates

Chase is one of her guild mates at Blue Pegasus. They worked together in the Sorcerer Weekly magazine both as models. They hardly interact outside of work though even though they're members of the same guild and students in the same class because of their often busy schedules and dealing with their fans or admirers.

Ro Cheney

No one in class ever remembers Ro, in fact everyone forgets him besides Jamie though. She always knows he's there even if others don't notice and she often has to stand up for him if the other students or even the teacher look over his presence especially in checking attendance. This could be evidence that her cute forgetful nature is just an act since she easily remembers him in this instance.

Magic and Abilities

Snow Magic

Jamie has the ability to control snow and manipulate it as she wishes to attack enemies or defend herself. She's quite skilled at it but she often plays with it instead of being serious, she would cover an entire area with snow for no reason just because she wanted to. She enjoys snow and rather cold areas.

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