New Character Pages

  • Nick Alberona
  • Mizu Fullbuster
  • Kyra Olietta
  • Dash Eucliffe
  • Brandon Lore
  • Faith
  • Ebony
  • Ro Cheney
  • Rose Cheney
  • Hikari Eucliffe
  • Aimi Akatsuki (Daiki Akatsuki - Brother)
  • Elliot Strauss//Julia Conbolt?

Character pages with little or no words

  • Jay Fullbuster
  • Lakita Dragneel
  • Scott Redfox
  • Lucas Dragneel
  • Jamie Tearm
  • Aike Vastia
    • Kyra Olietta
    • Mizu Fullbuster
    • Ro Cheney
    • Brandon Lore
    • Faith
    • Ebony
    • Ryu Lore

Guild Pages

  1. Add Character gallery of all the members.
  2. List the names of the next generation members.
  • Lamia Scale
  • Sabertooth
  1. Update Fairy Tail's gallery once new characters are added.

Other Characters who need names

  1. Brandon's younger brother (14)
  2. Dash's older sister (16/17)
  3. Ro's older sister (16/17)

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